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Keeping Your Cat Entertained

August 15 2020

If we can say one thing about cats, it’s that they are for some reason collectively exhausted. Fluffy can sleep up to 20 hours a day, though most kitties average a ‘mere’ 14 to 16. However, even the drowsiest feline can’t nap all the time. It’s important to make sure your pet had ways to entertain herself when she is actually awake. A local San Diego, CA vet offers some tips on keeping your kitty amused below.


Toys are of course the number one form of kitty entertainment. Cats all have their own preferences here. Some like catnip mice, some like rubber balls, and some just want to chase that little red dot. Your feline friend may also enjoy more modern toys, such as remote-controlled mice and automatic laser pointers. Offer Fluffy a variety, and see what she likes best.


Toys are great, but playtime is more fun and more challenging for Fluffy when someone else (that would be you) is controlling her ‘prey.’ Take a few minutes a day to hold a wand toy or laser pointer for your frisky furball to pounce on. This not only keeps kitties entertained, it’s also great for them physically. Just remember to put wand toys away after use, so your cat doesn’t get tangled up.


Our feline friends are safer indoors, but that doesn’t mean they won’t enjoy a taste of nature. Set out some pet-safe plants for Fluffy to nibble on. Check the ASPCA site here for suggestions.

Background Noise

Does Fluffy stay home while you’re at work? Turn a TV or radio on before leaving. The background noise will soothe her and help keep her from feeling lonely. You can even try streaming shows made just for cats. Some kitties really enjoy programs about birds or squirrels!

Window Seat

Speaking of birds and squirrels, make sure that Fluffy has a comfy window seat, where she can relax, sunbathe, and spy on local wildlife. Just make sure your screens and windows close securely.

Things To Explore

Cats are quite curious, and love to investigate things. (Fluffy can actually be flat-out nosy, but that’s another topic.) Offer your furball things to explore. Boxes, newspaper tunnels, pet tents, and paper grocery bags are all great options.

Please contact us, your San Diego, CA vet clinic, for all your kitty’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!

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