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Keeping Fido Fit

September 15 2020

Is your dog super energetic and playful? Or does Fido prefer chasing Z’s to chasing squirrels? Our canine pals certainly run the gamut of activity levels. Some are furry athletes, while others are basically four-legged couch potatoes. No matter what end of the spectrum your pet falls on, it’s important for you to make sure he’s getting the right type and amount of activity. A Rancho Santa Fe, CA vet offers some tips on this below.

Fido’s Workout

Our canine companions are all unique. Their exercise needs are also varied. Some pups, such as brachycephalic dogs, really cannot safely run or swim, as they lose their breath so easily. Small breeds, on the other hand, get tired out very quickly on those little legs. Some pooches are highly susceptible to hip issues, and should not be encouraged to jump or stand on their back legs. There are also pooches that need an hour of vigorous exercise a day! Ask your vet for specific advice.

Getting Pups In Shape

Do you enjoy hiking or running? Some dogs make great trail buddies! If your vet thinks Fido is a good candidate for more strenuous activities, take time to build his endurance up. At first, alternate walking and running in intervals. Then, slowly increase the time of the running segments.


Playing is actually a wonderful way for Fido to get his exercise. Even a few minutes of running or jumping can make a great doggy workout. If your pup has more energy than you do, consider getting an automated ball launcher. (Note: choose one that uses balls which are appropriate for your pet’s size.) Playing Fetch is also a great option, as your pet will do all the work while you stay still.


Swimming can be a great option for some pups. The water will support Fido’s weight, so you don’t have to worry about straining his bones and joints. Just be sure to put safety first. Never leave your dog unattended near water, even for a moment.


No matter what type of workout your dog likes, you’ll need to take care not to overexert him. Keep a close eye on Fido. If he starts panting or lagging behind, stop for a water break, and then head for home.

For all your pet’s veterinary care needs, please reach out to us at our Carmel Valley, CA, veterinary clinic. We’re always available to help you!