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Fear Free Certified Practice
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Located in Rancho Santa Fe & Carmel Valley, CA

Are you tired of feeling uncertain about your pet’s well-being? It’s time to take the first step towards a brighter future. Imagine a life where visits to the vet clinic are no longer anxiety-filled experiences but moments of trust and comfort.

At Santaluz Animal Care, we understand your concerns. We’ve helped countless worried pet parents to say farewell to apprehension and open the door to a new chapter of confident caregiving. Our team of compassionate experts will stand by your side, guiding you through every twist and turn.

Located in the heart of Rancho Santa Fe and Carmel Valley, CA, we offer a revolutionary model of veterinary care. A place where you and your pet are greeted with smiles and treated on futon couches instead of cold tables, where soothing music and calming scents envelop the air. We’ve reimagined veterinary care to prioritize your pet’s comfort because healing begins with tranquility.

Our state-of-the-art services cater to your pet’s unique needs. Our dedicated team of compassionate experts is committed to guiding you through every step of your pet’s healthcare journey. We believe that true healing flourishes in an environment of peace.

Our mission is clear: deliver personalized care that leaves you with your tail wagging.

Are you among the many pet parents who dread vet visits? It’s time for a change. Step into Santaluz Animal Care and witness the transformation. Discover the power of compassionate, personalized care – an experience that will forever redefine pet care in your eyes. Your pet deserves nothing less than the best, and we’re here to make that a reality.

Winner of 2023 Neighborhood FAVES
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What is the single most important thing you can do for your wonderful pet? Skip the unknown and pay only $1 For your New Client ” Nose to Tail ” Exam…

To make this as easy as possible for you, your first time exam will only cost $1 (we pay the rest!) so that you can come in, meet our awesome Fear-Free Certified staff, and see if this is the care team that you connect with and can trust your pet’s care with.

*Well Pet Visit Only. Limited Appointment Availability.

Our Reviews

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Lisa Bohorquez
Lisa Bohorquez
My kitty is elderly and a nervous person so vet visits are hard on him. Having learned about Fear Free I set out to find a practice that would help him and it brought us to Santaluz. Poor guy was having constipation issues and grooming problems and the wonderful humans at Santaluz took wonderful care of him and even gave him a new haircut. Now he looks and feels like a new man. Thank you all so much!
a Cas
a Cas
We’ve been going there with our pets for two years but also I’ve taken my clients dogs there for many more . Dr Johnson is beyond attentive and informed. The staff is also amazing!! Your animals will be loved and cared for at Santa Luz.
Amanda McCarty
Amanda McCarty
Dr. Laura johnson and all the girls/ vet techs are kind and capable. They take care of my baby girl, Joy, with ease. Vaccines are given with no notice by Joy. The wellness plan is the way to go because it spreads cost out consistently over the year and gives more veterinary care than minimum treatments
Lorraine Lawrence
Lorraine Lawrence
Animal friendly, professional, kind and knowledgeable. A safe and secure place to take your animals.
Leticia Nobreza
Leticia Nobreza
After a friend's recommendation, I decided to switch to Santaluz Animal Care for my 10-year-old Frenchie, who was struggling with a severe ear infection and UTI. This decision came after a disappointing experience with my previous vet, where I disagreed with the treatment proposed. From the moment we stepped into the clinic, I was impressed by their stress-free approach to care. My dog, who typically trembles with anxiety at the vet, remained remarkably calm throughout her visit, thanks to their compassionate staff. Gabby and the team were incredibly attentive and knowledgeable, taking the time to listen to my concerns and explain the treatment plan thoroughly. Dr. Johnson demonstrated genuine care going above and beyond to address my dog's needs. After completing the recommended treatment and attending a recheck visit, I'm happy to report that my dog's health issues have been resolved. I'm grateful for the exceptional care provided by Santaluz Vet Clinic and highly recommend them to anyone seeking compassionate and effective veterinary care.
Emma Matters
Emma Matters
Our pets are treated so lovingly at Santaluz. One of our dogs is elderly and is a bit afraid of vet visits. She has really thrived in the fear free environment Santaluz has carefully cultivated. She never enters shaking or anything like that, and this is probably the first time I can say that about her reaction to entering a vet’s office in the 15 years I’ve had her. Our other pets love it too, but the difference is particularly noticeable with her. It’s also wonderful for owners! The staff are so sweet, and Dr. Johnson is incredibly knowledgeable. Nothing ever happens without a full discussion of what the treatment plan is and why.
christopher bellisario
christopher bellisario
Easily the best vet that we’ve ever been to. We recently moved and tried another vet nearby and it was night and day difference. The Team at Santaluz Animal Care are very knowledgeable, friendly and loving with your pets. Couldn’t ask for more than that.
April Malloy
April Malloy
I 💯highly recommend this veterinarian for anyone who has fur babies. From my first phone call Sonia was quick, informative and scheduled my apt with no hassle. I came in with both of our frenchies to a clean, calm, loving atmosphere. Carol at the front desk greeted our frenchies with a smile and immediately connected to our frenchies with care. Inside the exam rooms our frenchies entered with a sense of ease and comfort. Little couches and a little bed was set up for them to be relaxed and comfortable in a calm atmosphere home setting. No scary metal table as it was at the old vet. The staff all ...What an Amazing, Caring, informative staff. Dr. Johnson wowoowowow.... Both of my frenchies just adored her. She is calm, very informative, she made our exam quick and easy. The staff really do make taking your fur babies to the vet here a Totally 💯 positive not frightening experience.
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