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Maggie’s Tale

Our family calls Dr. Johnson “the cat whisperer.” She has treated our family pets for nearly 18 years and we have the utmost faith in her expertise. We are also in awe of her insight. Perhaps it is a result of her tremendous and genuine compassion for animals, but no matter how baffling or conflicting the symptoms, she always seems to be able to find the right course of action for our cats.

When our elderly cat, Maggie, grew weaker due to chronic renal disease, Dr. Johnson began a course of acupuncture. My skeptical husband and I were truly amazed to watch Maggie grow stronger with each session. 

Later, when Maggie very suddenly lost her appetite and nearly all mobility, we feared the time had come to say goodbye. Dr. Johnson didn’t think Maggie was quite ready to go, though, and tried a course of cold laser therapy ( or more precisely known as Photobiomodulation Therapy or PBMT) and increased her SQ fluids. Maggie improved within 24 hours and, with continued laser therapy, steadily regained all the mobility she had before the downturn. At 20-years-old, she is back to jumping on and off the bed and racing down the stairs for cat treats. Dr. Johnson is truly a miracle worker and we are so thrilled she will have her own veterinary clinic!

– Claire Lemon and Maggie