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Black Cats

October 15 2021

Black Cat Day is October 27th . We think all our feline friends need love, but black cats really could use some extra attention. Unfortunately, they still suffer because of the stigmas and superstitions attached to them. This isn’t just a matter of bad PR: it also affects their adoption rates. Black cats comprise up to 30 percent of kitties in shelters, and often take longer to get adopted than other felines. A Rancho Santa Fe, CA veterinarian discusses these lovable pets below.


Old wives’ tales associating black cats with witches and witchcraft date back to the Middle Ages. While there is no truth to those assumptions, they still persist to this day. (That’s why you see so many black cat motifs on Halloween décor.)

Positive Myths

Fluffy’s reputation isn’t all bad. In some places, black cats are actually considered lucky. In Germany, it’s considered lucky for one to cross your path. In Japan, it was believed that black cats helped women attract more suitors. And in Scotland, a black cat showing up on the doorstep was believed to bring good fortune.


There are between 40 and 70 official cat breeds. The official number varies from one organization to another. Many of them allow black coats, but only one kitty is always black: the cuddly, playful Bombay.


Halloween is a dangerous time for all kitties. However, it’s especially dangerous for black ones. Unfortunately, pranksters pose a threat. The fact that Fluffy is difficult to see at night because of her dark fur, is also a concern, especially with the increased traffic. We always advise keeping cats indoors. However, if you do let your furball out, limit her outdoor excursions this week, and bring her in before dark.

Appreciating Black Cats

The 27th isn’t the only day set aside for Fluffy. August 17th is Black Cat Appreciation Day, and November 17th is National Black Cat Day. We think these kitties deserve love every day!

Helping Out

How does one go about helping black cats? Adopting one would be at the top of the list. Of course, you should think hard before adopting any pet, as it is a lifetime commitment. You can also share posts about black cats that are available for adoption. Who knows? You may help a sweet, lovable furball get adopted!

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