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Our Veterinarians

Meet the folks who make it all happen. We see big potential in every moment, and care deeply about what we do every day.

Dr. Laura Johnson

Practice Owner, Veterinarian

Dr. Laura Johnson, DVM

Fear Free Certified Professional

Dr. Laura Johnson grew up in San Diego with her parents, sister, and plenty of family pets. She always dreamed of becoming a veterinarian, but it wasn’t until college that she decided to follow her dream. On her 27th birthday, she asked herself what she really wanted to do with her life: veterinary medicine was the clear answer. Dr. Johnson hasn’t looked back since—now, she’s the proud owner and operator of Santaluz Animal Care!

Dr. Johnson attended Ross University’s School of Veterinary Medicine in the Caribbean to earn her veterinary credentials, then joined a high-volume walk-in veterinary clinic in Riverside after graduation. She would continue on to work in a San Diego-based clinic for a short time before joining a hospital in Del Mar, where she would help pets and their owners for the next 14 years and even meet her husband, Brian, through a client.

After more than 16 years working as an Associate Veterinarian in private small-animal practices, Dr. Johnson set out to create her dream practice in the summer of 2018. The following spring, she opened the doors of Santaluz Animal Care for business. She and her team have been serving the area’s pets and animal parents ever since! Dr. Johnson loves practicing integrative medicine and enjoys recommending alternative therapies to patients who can benefit from them, and she’s also fond of routine office visits. She loves to see and treat the whole patient and offer her own brand of comprehensive care for the animal companions of the area. 

When she’s not at work, Dr. Johnson enjoys swimming, working on home-improvement projects, dabbling in art projects, and raising her boys alongside her husband. She and Brian have three sons named Nate, Blake, and Luke, and the family also has several pets. The canine contingent of the family includes Howler the Malamute and a Yellow Labrador named Sunny. There are also three cats named Shades of Grey, Domino, and Dice, as well as a 40-pound Sulcata tortoise named Crash Bash Bando Johnson, a pair of ball pythons named Cobra and Kah, Blue Stripe the leopard gecko, and several koi fish and red-eared sliders in the backyard pond. 

Dr. Katrina Fedorka

Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Katrina Fedorka

Fear Free Certified Professional

By the time Dr. Kat reached the ripe old age of four years old, she already knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that she wanted to become a veterinarian. Having grown up with almost every animal imaginable, from dogs and horses to chickens and pigs, she fully understood the “magic” of the human-animal bond. She felt a deep pull to help pets and people alike. Today, Dr. Kat is thrilled to be living her childhood dream.

After graduating high school with honors, Dr. Kat was accepted to Cal Poly Pomona, where she taught in the animal science lab and at the Western University College of Veterinary Medicine’s Equine Reproduction Lab. She became deeply involved in The Kellogg Arabian Center and served as the ISHA Equestrian Team English Captain for four consecutive years. While attending school full-time, Dr. Kat participated in various clubs and organizations and worked several jobs simultaneously. After applying to five veterinary schools, Dr. Kat chose Michigan State, where she earned her DVM.

Dr. Kat spent over a decade as a veterinarian, and she’d determined precisely what type of practice she wanted to work for. In March 2022, she was called to provide relief coverage at Santaluz Animal Care. She knew almost immediately that this would ultimately become her home. The feeling was mutual; she officially joined the team as an Associate Veterinarian in November 2022.

Professionally, Dr. Kat is particularly interested in managing internal medicine cases, such as cardiology, gastrointestinal disease, and dermatology – anything that involves problem-solving or is different or exciting. She also finds performing urgent surgery to be an enriching experience. Above all, she appreciates the ability to help facilitate, foster, and celebrate the magical bond between humans and animals.

Outside the clinic, Dr. Kat has many furry friends at home, including a sweet and obedient Red Merle Queensland Heeler named Bertie, who loves to play fetch, go on hikes, and cuddle in bed. Huck is a domestic short-haired tabby cat Dr. Kat adopted from a Santaluz client. Huck and Bertie get along well, and the two play tag regularly. Fritz is a safe, fun-to-ride red roan quarter horse belonging to Dr. Kat’s mom. Then there is Princess Lovey, Dr. Kat’s grey mini horse, who used to pull a cart that could fit two to three people.

In addition to achieving her lifelong dream of becoming a successful vet, Dr. Kat is also proud of her extensive experience as a horsewoman/equestrian – a skill for which she has received several notable awards and won multiple competitions.