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Halloween With Puppies

Have you recently adopted a puppy? Congratulations on your new pet! Halloween can be a…
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Adopt A Shelter Dog Month

October is Adopt A Shelter Dog Month! We’re always happy to spread the word about…
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Choosing A Great Groomer

Is your canine buddy getting stinky? While bathing Fluffy is optional, it’s a must for…
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Why Your Pet's Coat Get Matted – and How to Prevent It

We tend to focus on the inside when it comes to keeping our furry friends…
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Playing With An Older Dog

Is your canine pal a senior? Don’t stop playing with him. Fido will always be…
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Ways To Celebrate Holistic Pet Day With Fluffy

Holistic Pet Day is coming up on August 30th. Here at Santaluz, we are happy…
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8 Great Reasons To Love Yorkies

Did you know that Yorkie Day is today, August 1st? These little dogs are super…
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Craft For Your Local Shelters Day

July 21st is Craft For Your Local Shelters Day. This is one cause that we…
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Lost Pet Prevention Gadgets

July is Lost Pet Prevention. This is a pretty important topic! Even the most loving…
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Feeding Fido A Holistic Diet

Are you going green? Join the club! Many people are becoming more aware of the…
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