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Things Dogs Are Thankful For

November 15 2023

Thanksgiving is just a few weeks out now. It’s very important to remember to be grateful for the good things in our lives, such as friends, family, and, of course, pets. Man’s Best Friend is definitely very appreciative of the love, care, and attention he gets. Actually, those aren’t the only things on Fido’s gratitude list. A Rancho Santa Fe, CA vet points out a few others in this article.


Does your canine pal get super excited when you pick up his leash? Walks are of course necessary for potty breaks, but they’re also crucial for other reasons. Those daily strolls keep Fido fit, give him a much-needed change of pace, offer mental stimulation, and, of course, give him a chance to spend time with you.


Fido is always cute, but he’s never more adorable than when he’s spotted a new toy. Playthings are important for keeping your cute pet occupied, entertained, and (hopefully) out of mischief. Get your pup something new as a holiday treat! 


A good bed means a good night’s sleep, which is important for both people and pets. Fido should have at least one quality doggy bed. (There’s nothing wrong with providing more than one, if you have room. It’s always good to have choices!)

Belly Rubs

Our canine companions can form extremely close bonds with their humans, and they show their love in some pretty adorable ways. If Fido lets you rub his belly, it doesn’t just mean he enjoys being petted … It also means that he completely trusts you. That’s pretty high praise!

Car Rides

While Fluffy is definitely not a fan of going on car rides, Man’s Best Friend loves visiting his favorite dog parks and trails and/or exploring new places.  Just put safety first. Always keep Fido crated for travel, and never leave him in a car unattended.


No surprises here: Fido somehow manages to dial his cuteness levels up to 12 whenever he spots a yummy treat.


Did you know that many dogs enjoy learning new things? Fido looks super cute when he’s proud of himself for picking up a new command!  


Last but certainly not least, your dog is also grateful for you! Fido really only wants someone to love him, play with him, and care for him. Those are pretty small costs to pay in return for his unconditional love and unwavering friendship.

Our Advice on Things Dogs Are Thankful For in 2024

How can dog owners ensure that their pets receive an appropriate balance of physical exercise and mental stimulation through walks and playtime?

Dog owners can effectively balance their pet’s physical exercise and mental stimulation by incorporating walks and playtime into their daily routines. Regular walks not only fulfill a dog’s physical needs but also provide sensory experiences that engage their mind. Adding variety, such as changing routes or incorporating play during walks, enhances mental engagement. Playtime, particularly with toys that stimulate problem-solving, complements physical exercise by focusing on cognitive challenges. Together, these activities help maintain a dog’s overall health and strengthen the bond between pet and owner.

What specific types of toys are most beneficial for dogs in terms of promoting dental health and reducing anxiety?

To promote dental health and reduce anxiety in dogs, specific toys are particularly beneficial. Chew toys made of durable rubber or nylon help clean teeth and massage gums, reducing plaque buildup. For anxiety reduction, puzzle toys that require mental effort to release treats can keep dogs occupied and mentally stimulated, alleviating stress and boredom. Additionally, toys that mimic hunting or foraging behaviors, like treat-dispensing balls, engage a dog’s natural instincts and can be soothing. Consistent use of these toys supports dental health and emotional well-being in dogs.

Are there any specific characteristics that dog owners should look for when choosing a bed for their pets?

When choosing a bed for their dog, owners should consider size, support, and material. The bed should be large enough to allow the dog to stretch out fully and thick enough to cushion joints and bones, particularly for older dogs or those with arthritis. Orthopedic foam beds offer good support and help distribute weight evenly. Materials should be durable and easy to clean, preferably washable, to maintain hygiene. For dogs with allergies, hypoallergenic materials are recommended. Also, consider the dog’s sleeping habits—some prefer raised edges for resting their heads.

What safety precautions should dog owners take when bringing their pets on car rides?

For safety during car rides, dog owners should ensure their pets are properly secured. Using a crash-tested dog crate or a safety harness attached to the vehicle’s seat belts is recommended to prevent injury in case of sudden stops or accidents. It’s essential to choose a restraint that fits the size and weight of the dog. Additionally, never leave a dog unattended in a parked car, as temperatures can rise quickly and lead to heatstroke. Also, ensure the dog has access to water and ventilation during longer trips to maintain comfort and health.

Are there any specific types of treats that are particularly beneficial for dogs?

Certain types of dog treats are especially beneficial for canine health and well-being. Treats that are high in protein and low in fat, like those made from lean meats such as chicken or fish, support muscle development and maintain low body fat. Dental chews help reduce tartar and plaque buildup, promoting oral health. For mental stimulation, interactive treats, such as those used in puzzle feeders, encourage cognitive engagement by challenging dogs to solve problems to access the treat. Opting for natural, preservative-free treats is advisable to avoid unnecessary additives.

Happy Thanksgiving! Call us, your local Rancho Santa Fe, CA pet hospital, anytime!