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Ways To Celebrate Kindness To Animals Day

October 1 2023

October 4th is Kindness To Animals Day! While being kind to animals is important any and every day, raising awareness about these events definitely contributes to the greater good, and ultimately helps spark the change that so many animals desperately need. A Rancho Santa Fe, CA vet lists some things you can do to celebrate in this article.


Do you have some extra time on your hands? Consider giving up some of those hours to a good cause by volunteering for a local shelter. There’s always work to be done. Shelters may need help with a variety of tasks, from cleaning to walking dogs to taking photographs of adoptable pets. You may be surprised at how rewarding this can be. It really feels good to do something for the cute and innocent animals that are down on their luck.


Is your cat ignoring that expensive kitty tower you got her? Did Fido outgrow his puppy harness within a few short months? Unused or gently used items are often welcome at shelters. You can also drop off other necessities, such as food, bowls, towels, cleaning supplies, and toys. Monetary donations are of course also fine.

Get Involved

Volunteering at and making donations to shelters are great—and are always needed—but they aren’t the only options. There are plenty of charities and animal welfare organizations that are working to make a difference. Many offer opportunities like classes and community outreach programs that can always use help.

Help Smaller Animals

There are also things you can do to help out local wildlife. Plant flowers and trees to help out native birds and pollinators, or participate in TNR (trap/neuter/release) programs that help feral cats.

Spread The Word

Awareness is often the main goal behind animal welfare holidays. That’s certainly the case here. Sharing posts on social media will only take seconds of your time, but could make a difference.

See Something, Say Something

Do you know of an animal that needs help? Take steps to assist. You can often call in complaints anonymously, which helps reduce the risk of retaliation.

Spoil Your Pet

No surprises here: this is also a great time to show your furry pal some extra TLC. Pets really do add so much love and laughter to our lives: they deserve to be treated with love and compassion at all times.

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