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Bring Your Cat To The Vet Day

August 15 2023

August 22nd is Bring Your Cat To The Vet Day. It also should be Get Your Cat A Toy Day and Offer Fluffy Some Extra Cuddles Day. Going to the doctor can be stressful enough for humans, but it’s even more upsetting for our feline friends. That’s one reason we’re so proud to be a Fear Free veterinary practice: that official certification really proclaims our dedication to doing all we can to make appointments easy on our furry patients. Here, a Rancho Santa Fe, CA vet discusses taking Fluffy to her doctor.

How Often Should Cats See Their Vets?

Proper veterinary care is crucial for Fluffy’s health and well-being, and therefore, to her overall quality of life. We recommend all cats be microchipped and fixed, preferably while they’re still young. Wellness care and preventative care are also very important. Vaccinations and parasite control can protect pets from many dangerous diseases, such as rabies and FeLV.  Exams and screenings can detect developing issues before symptoms appear, when many conditions are most easily treated and/or managed. That said, your kitty’s appointment needs will change over time. Ask your vet for specific advice. Avoiding common cat care mistakes is crucial; reading up on these can help you keep Fluffy healthy. Learn more about the importance of regular veterinary wellness and pet vaccinations for your cat’s health.

Why Choose A Fear Free Vet?

There are a few reasons Fluffy gets so nervous at the clinic. First and foremost, kitties are homebodies. Even taking your furball out of her kingdom is enough to set her on edge. Then there’s the scary car ride. As far as Fluffy is concerned, the car is an evil machine hurtling her towards certain doom! (Fido has a very different opinion on the matter, but that’s another topic.) Small touches, like taking time to pet and soothe a nervous cat or giving a spicy kitten time to come out of her carrier on her own, can make a huge difference. This also makes exams easier and safer, which in turn can help ensure better results.

How Can You Make Appointments Easier For Your Cat?

You can also do a few things for Fluffy here. Try to play with her before her appointment. This will hopefully burn off extra energy, leaving her calmer after. Also, make the carrier nice and comfy by adding bedding and toys. Things like calming pheromones can also help. Ask your vet for more information.

Is your cat due for an appointment? Contact us, your Rancho Santa Fe, CA pet hospital, anytime!  

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