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Cat Care Mistakes

April 15 2022

Did you know that roughly one in four US households have cats? Kitties are quite popular, and with good reason. They’re not only super cute and highly entertaining, they’re also quite self-sufficient. However, these little furballs do need good care in order to thrive. Here, a Carmel Valley, CA vet lists some mistakes first-time cat owners often make.

Letting Fluffy Roam

We can’t overstate how much safer kitties are indoors. As soon as Fluffy sets her cute paws outside, she’s exposed to dangers posed by cars, weather, wild animals, and other hazards. Keep your adventurous furball inside!

Not Enough Veterinary Care

All our feline buddies should be fixed, microchipped, and kept current on vaccines and parasite control. Keep up with Fluffy’s veterinary care needs! Between visits, keep a close eye out for signs of illness. Familiarize yourself with the ‘Signs That Your Cat Needs Immediate Veterinary Care‘ to ensure you can act quickly when necessary. Contact us immediately if you notice anything amiss.

Lack Of Entertainment

Napping may be Fluffy’s favorite pastime, but she can’t sleep all the time. Cats are both curious and playful, and they need things to investigate and pounce on. Stimulation and entertainment are very important! Toys, cat furniture, and window seats can all make a big difference. If you leave your furry pal home alone, turn a radio on for her, so she won’t feel so lonely.


To be fair, kitties are rather purrplexing. Fluffy sometimes bites affectionately, and has no qualms about shredding our furniture. It’s important to understand that these things are instinctive for our feline pals. You want to redirect your kitty, not punish her.

Exposure To Toxins

Cats can get very sick from ingesting even small amounts of toxins. Take care not to expose Fluffy to anything that isn’t safe for her. That includes things like chemicals, medicine, and toxic plants. Lilies, for example, are very dangerous for kitties. Check the ASPCA here for a list of safe and unsafe ones.


Fluffy isn’t perfect: sooner or later, she’ll scratch your sofa, break something, or knock something over. Don’t punish your feline friend for these mishaps: that will just make her more anxious. Focus on rewarding good behavior.

Not Interacting

Kitties can get very attached to their humans, but that bond must be nurtured. Pay attention to Fluffy! The more you interact with her, the more interactive she’ll become.

Do you have questions about your cat’s health or care? In case of a feline emergency, our clinic offers ‘Critical Care’ services to provide immediate medical attention for your cat. Please don’t hesitate to contact our animal clinic in Carmel Valley, CA for any of your pet’s veterinary care needs. Our team of veterinary professionals is always here to assist you and your furry companion.