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7 Ways To Celebrate Be Kind To Animals Week With Kids

May 2 2022

Be Kind To Animals Week starts today, May 1st! While there’s definitely no bad time to be kind to animals, this is a great chance to talk to your kids about our animal companions, and help teach them how important it is to be kind and compassionate with them. A local Carmel Valley, CA vet offers some advice on celebrating this pawspicious occasion below.


Storytime can be a wonderful way to help your child learn about the world … and all of the wonderful and fascinating animals we share it with. There are certainly many great ones to pick from! A trip to a library or bookstore is also not inappropriate. Find a great animal-themed coffee table book, one the kids will enjoy looking through again and again.

Go To The Zoo

We have a great zoo right here in San Diego. If you haven’t been in a while, consider taking the kids. Being able to see some of the animals you can’t find in your backyard can be an amazing—and maybe even life-changing experience—for children! If you want to stay in, check out some of the animal cams.

Reduce Carbon Footprints

Anything that helps the environment, even in the smallest way, also benefits wildlife. Take some small steps to reduce your carbon footprint. This can mean something as small as moving from paper towels to washable cloth ones, or switching to an eco-friendly detergent.

Talk Environment

Speaking of the environment, talk to your kids about litter and pollution, and perhaps look into some of the things people are doing to try and help. For instance, some places are putting nets over sewage drains that empty into the ocean. That helps all aquatic life! Pick an age-appropriate show or documentary to watch and discuss.


Growing up with pets can be beneficial to kids in many ways. Pets not only make great playmates and napping buddies, they also provide children with comfort on bad days. Cats, in particular, have their own unique ways of demanding respect and affection from their humans. Check out our article on ‘Odd Ways Cats Demand Respect‘ to learn more about their quirky behaviors. A supervised play session—perhaps using homemade toys—can be fun for the whole family … especially the pet!

Watch A Movie

Make it animal-movie week! Each night, settle in with the kids, Fido and Fluffy, and a fun animal movie. There are plenty of great ones to pick from!

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