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Odd Ways Cats Demand Respect

March 15 2023

Respect Your Cat Day is coming up on March 28th. Our feline pals definitely deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. Actually, as far as Fluffy is concerned, kitties should be worshiped and pampered. That said, respect is a two way street. Cats actually show their humans respect in some pretty adorable ways … and a few bratty ones! A local Rancho Santa Fe, CA vet lists some of them below. 


Our feline friends are full of adorable and charming quirks. The meow has to be one of the most iconic. Actually, cats save those charming vocalizations for her humans! Fluffy doesn’t usually ‘talk’ to other kitties that way.

Slow Blink 

Speaking of body language, have you ever noticed your furry buddy blinking slowly at you? Fluffy usually does this when she is feeling relaxed and happy. It’s actually a way of showing love … which cats will only do if they feel they are being respected.

Dead Presents

Fluffy may be cute, but don’t let that lovable furry face fool you: your little buddy is a very efficient hunter. In fact, she may be the world’s cutest serial killer. She will put those skills to work in protecting her kingdom and servants from any small animals, such as mice, that may venture onto the property. 

Chair Theft 

Kitties are always on the hunt for warm napping spots. A chair that was recently vacated by a beloved human is a pretty good score for Fluffy in this area. Not only will your furry little friend be able to enjoy a pre-heated spot, she’ll also feel extra cozy, as it will smell like you. While we’re on the topic of keeping your cat healthy, it’s crucial to ensure they are protected against heartworms by following these ‘Heartworm Prevention‘ guidelines.

Demands For Attention 

We may like to joke about our feline overlords being bossy and occasionally bratty, but at the end of the day, these charismatic and lovable little fur balls really can melt our hearts. They also have some super cute ways of requesting love. Your adorable pet may follow you around, rub against your legs, or just meow at you when she wants your attention. Of course, you should take these things as high praise. Fluffy wouldn’t do these things if she didn’t think you were pretty great!

Our vet clinic in Rancho Santa Fe, CA is committed to delivering exceptional veterinary care for your beloved pets. We offer comprehensive ‘Veterinary Wellness & Pet Vaccinations’ services to keep your furry friends in top shape. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for any of your pet’s veterinary care requirements.