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Celebrating The Mutt

December 1 2022

Did you know that December 2nd is Mutt Day? Actually, we celebrate mutts twice a year: Fido will also be in the spotlight on July 31st. That’s fine with us! The majority of our canine companions—including most of the dogs in shelters—are mutts. A Rancho Santa Fe, CA veterinarian puts mixed breeds in the spotlight in this article.

Famous Mutts

As it turns out, many of our favorite celebrepups are mutts. The list of mixed breed doggy stars include Benji, Old Yeller, and Murray from Mad About You. Many animated mutts have also stolen our hearts. These include Mickey Mouse’s pup Pluto; Clifford, the beloved big red dog; and, of course, Tramp from Lady And The Tramp. No matter what breed or mix your dog is, regular veterinary wellness exams and pet vaccinations are essential to keep them healthy and happy.


Both the July and December National Mutt Days—which are also known as National Mixed Breed Dog Days—were created back in 2005 by Colleen Paige, Paige, a celebrity pet expert and animal welfare advocate, had one simple but noble goal in mind: to spread awareness and support for rescuing, celebrating, and pampering mixed breed dogs.


Want to get your own mutt’s cute tail wagging? Make him a celebratory muttloaf! These are almost the same as a meatloaf you would make for people, except you’d leave out things like garlic and onions, which aren’t safe for Fido. Cook For Your Pets Day is the perfect opportunity to whip up a special treat for your furry friend!

Beloved Mutts

Mutts may not come with fancy papers, but there is a lot to love about them. For one thing, they all look unique. You may find that you get the best of both worlds in a pup that mixes two or more breeds. Mutts also tend to be a bit hardier than purebreds, because of that wider genepool. Plus, they’re also cheaper!

Doggy DNA

Have you always wondered exactly what your canine buddy is? Does your pooch look like a pug from one angle and a poodle from another? There is something to be said for getting your furry pal’s DNA tested. Not only can this make for a fun wager with the family, there are also some more pragmatic reasons. Knowing Fido’s breeds can give you valuable insight into his behavior. It can also be helpful from a health care standpoint, as you’ll be able to find out if your pooch is at elevated risk of developing any specific medical issues. 

Our Advice on Celebrating The Mutt in 2024

What is Mutt Day, and when is it celebrated?

Mutt Day, or National Mixed Breed Dog Day, is a celebration dedicated to mixed-breed dogs, commonly called mutts. It’s celebrated twice a year, on July 31st and December 2nd. The purpose of this day is to recognize and appreciate the charm, diversity, and uniqueness of mutts. It aims to raise awareness about the high number of mixed-breed dogs in shelters and encourage their adoption. Mutt Day highlights the importance of giving these often overlooked dogs the love, attention, and homes they deserve.

Who are some famous mutts from movies, television, and animation?

Several famous mutts have captured hearts in movies, television, and animation. Benji, the adorable mixed breed from the movie “Benji,” is a well-known example. Old Yeller, the loyal and brave dog from the classic film “Old Yeller,” is another iconic mutt. In television, Murray from “Mad About You” stands out as a beloved mixed-breed character. In animation, we have Pluto, Mickey Mouse’s loyal companion; Clifford, the big red dog; and Tramp from “Lady and The Tramp,” all cherished animated mutts.

How can you make a celebratory treat for your mutt, like a meatloaf, and what ingredients should be avoided?

To make a celebratory meatloaf for your dog, use dog-safe ingredients like lean ground meat (turkey or beef), cooked vegetables (carrots, peas, or green beans), and a binding agent like eggs or pureed pumpkin. Avoid using harmful ingredients such as onions, garlic, and excessive salt or spices, which are toxic to dogs. You can also mix in some cooked brown rice or oats for added fiber. Bake the mixture in a loaf pan until thoroughly cooked. Always ensure it’s cool before serving it to your furry friend.

What are some unique advantages and characteristics of mutts compared to purebred dogs?

Mutts, or mixed-breed dogs, offer several unique advantages and characteristics compared to purebreds. One key advantage is their genetic diversity, which often results in fewer inherited genetic health problems, a phenomenon known as ‘hybrid vigor.’ This can lead to a longer, healthier life. Mutts tend to be more unique in appearance, with a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and coat types, making each one unique. They’re also known for their varied and often well-rounded temperaments, combining traits from multiple breeds. Adopting a mutt often means giving a home to a needy dog, as many are found in shelters.

What insights can dog DNA testing provide regarding a mutt’s behavior and health?

Dog DNA testing can provide valuable insights into a mutt’s behavior and health. By identifying the specific breeds in a mutt’s genetic makeup, owners can better understand certain behavioral traits and tendencies associated with those breeds, such as energy levels, herding instincts, or sociability. Proactive health management and early intervention are possible with DNA testing, which can reveal predispositions to genetic conditions common in specific breeds. Additionally, understanding a mutt’s breed composition can guide nutritional needs, exercise requirements, and training approaches, leading to more informed and tailored care for the dog.

Do you have questions about your pet’s health or care? If you’re looking for a reliable vet clinic in Rancho Santa Fe, CA, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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