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Holistic Holiday Pet Care

December 15 2022

Season’s Greetings! Are you trying to embrace a healthy, natural lifestyle? That’s a great New Year’s resolution, but it’s also a solid everyday goal, and something you can work into all aspects of your life … including your pet’s care. A Rancho Santa Fe, CA vet offers some advice on having a holistic holiday with your furry best friend in this article.

Check Labels

Make a habit of checking labels on all pet products. Opt for brands that use sustainable resources. When possible, opt for things made here in North America. Some countries have quite loose safety guidelines when it comes to pet products. Better safe than sorry!

Be Cautious With Food

Food is one of the biggest concerns for pet safety around the holidays. Stick with safe options! Never give your pet garlic, onions, scallions, and chives; grapes, currants, and raisins; meat on the bone; chocolate; caffeine; avocado; pitted fruits; and raw dough. Ask your vet for more information.

Give Back

The theory behind holistic care is for it to be a complete health and wellness system that encompasses the whole being: body, mind, and spirit. When it comes to spirit, many find that helping others is a wonderful, fulfilling, and rewarding experience. Consider doing something to help local animal charities. Donations are always appreciated, but you can also look into volunteering or even fostering. This is also a good time to donate old things, like that expensive cat tower Fluffy completely ignores.

Decorate Carefully

Keep in mind that anything small or sharp is unsafe, as are items with ropes and cords. Plus, many decorations contain toxic chemicals. While that inflatable Santa isn’t exactly a huge and immediate risk, you may want to start going for more natural items.

Fake It

Believe it or not, artificial trees may be a better choice than real ones. You also won’t have to worry about Fido or Fluffy eating pine needles or drinking chemically-tainted water from the tree’s water bowl.

Limit Stress

This can be a stressful time of year, for both people and pets. Guests, parties, schedule changes, travel and/or boarding, and even the decorations can all unnerve our animal companions. Pay extra attention to Fido and Fluffy. Make time to relax and enjoy some down time with your furry best friend.

Happy Holidays from Santaluz Animal Care, your trusted vet clinic in Rancho Santa Fe, CA! Please feel free to contact us anytime for any assistance related to your pet’s health.