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Doghouse Repair Month

July 1 2023

July is Doghouse Repair Month! It’s great for Fido to have an outdoor home to hang out in. However, just like your own home, it will need occasional maintenance. A Carmel Valley, CA vet offers some tips on maintaining your canine buddy’s doghouse in this article.

Check For Sharp Edges

Give Fido’s house a thorough inspection. Look for any sharp, pointy bits that could potentially injure your furry friend. That includes things like nails and screws, but also sharp edges and splinters. Caring for your dog’s paws is an important part of their overall health, and ensuring their doghouse is free from hazards can help prevent injuries.

Inspect The Roof

While Fido should live indoors, he should have a spot to go to if he’s outdoors and it starts to rain. Make sure the roof is holding up, and doesn’t leak. One way to check this is to turn the hose on and have someone ‘water’ the roof for a few minutes. Then, check inside, and look to see if any water got in.

Climate Control

Part of the reasons doghouses are beneficial is that they offer shelter from weather. However, in hot weather, they can become stifling. There are a few things you can do to cool your furry pal’s outdoor home down. On option is to add insulation. This can be spray foam, foam board, or another material. You can use plywood to help secure it, but make sure your pooch can’t access the plywood or compressed wood: these materials can be toxic to dogs if ingested. 

Raising it up will also help keep rain out. Seal off holes beneath the house, though: you don’t want snakes moving in!

Add Shade

Is Fido’s doghouse out in the open? If you have a spot beneath a tree, consider moving it there, so there’s some shade. A shade canopy can also help. A shade canopy can also help. However, if your dog has any existing health issues that may be exacerbated by outdoor living, it’s best to consult with our veterinary surgery team to ensure their needs are being met.


It may seem like a thick bed is your best bet, but in reality bedding like that may attract mice, rats, and other unwanted guests. Opt for a thick mat or pad instead. You can add cooling pads in summer as well.


If Fido’s doghouse is in good shape, why not give it a pupgrade? One option is to give Fido a deck to sprawl out in. You can also decorate it with paint, signs, or flower boxes. Or, add a kiddy pool or sandbox for your canine pal.

Our Advice on Doghouse Repair Month in 2024

Why is Doghouse Repair Month important for dog owners?

Doghouse Repair Month is crucial for dog owners as it emphasizes maintaining a safe and comfortable outdoor environment. Regular inspection and maintenance of doghouses ensure they remain a secure shelter, protecting pets from harsh weather and potential hazards. It’s an opportunity to check for and repair any damages like sharp edges, leaks, or inadequate insulation, which could harm or discomfort the dog. This dedicated month encourages owners to proactively address these issues, promoting their canine companions’ overall well-being and safety.

What are the key areas to inspect for safety in a dog’s outdoor house?

When inspecting a dog’s outdoor house for safety, key areas to focus on include the integrity of the structure, the roof, and the interior space. Check for any sharp edges or protruding nails that could injure your dog. Ensure the roof is secure and leak-proof to provide proper shelter from rain and sun. Look for signs of wear or damage, like splinters or broken parts, which could harm your pet. Also, assess the house’s stability to ensure it won’t collapse or tip over. Regular inspections and timely repairs are essential for keeping your dog safe and comfortable in their outdoor space.

Why is raising the doghouse off the ground beneficial, and what precautions should be taken?

Raising a doghouse off the ground offers several benefits. It prevents water from entering during rain, keeping the interior dry and comfortable for the dog. This elevation also improves air circulation, reducing the build-up of moisture and mold, which harm a dog’s health. Additionally, it provides insulation from the cold ground in winter. However, precautions are necessary. Ensure the raised doghouse is stable and secure to prevent tipping over. Also, sealing the space beneath the house is essential to deter unwanted animals, like snakes or rodents, from taking shelter there.

How can you provide shade for a doghouse out in the open?

Providing shade for a doghouse out in the open is essential for your dog’s comfort and safety, especially in warmer climates. One effective method is to relocate the doghouse under a tree, which offers natural shade and cooler temperatures. If that’s not feasible, installing a shade canopy or awning over the doghouse can be a great alternative. These structures can be made from various materials and should be positioned to block direct sunlight, particularly during the hottest parts of the day. Ensuring adequate shade helps protect your dog from overheating and sun exposure.

What is the recommended type of bedding for a doghouse, and why?

The recommended bedding type for a doghouse is a thick, weather-resistant mat or pad. This choice is practical for several reasons. Firstly, it provides comfort and insulation from the ground, particularly important in hot and cold weather. Unlike fluffy, fabric-based bedding, mats are less likely to attract pests like rodents or insects. They’re also easier to clean and maintain, ensuring a hygienic environment for your dog. Opt for durable materials that can withstand the outdoor elements while providing a cozy resting place for your canine companion.

Do you have questions about your dog’s health or care? Contact us, your Carmel Valley, CA pet hospital, today!  

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