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Celebrating Garfield

June 15 2023

June 19th is Garfield Day! The iconic orange feline has appeared in thousands of comic strips, as well as books, movies, and TV shows. He’s also starred on Broadway, and even opened an amusement park. A Rancho Santa Fe, CA vet puts the furry ball of sarcasm in the spotlight below.


Garfield may look a bit different than he did in his first comic strip appearance, but he hasn’t changed all that much. His love of lasagna was evident from birth. Born in the kitchen of Mama Leone’s Italian Restaurant, the then-tiny ball of fur ate so much lasagna that he almost put the restaurant out of business. Fortunately, Jon Arbuckle saved the day by adopting the cantankerous cat. That was the beginning of a very long and special friendship.

Words Of Wisdom

Garfield is known for being cranky, lazy, and unimpressed. He’s terrified of spiders, and isn’t exactly a fan of his roommate, the adorable gray kitten Nermal. However, he does occasionally show that there’s a heart of gold somewhere beneath all that fur and flab. One of his sayings? ‘Love me, Feed me, Never Leave me.’ That really rings true when it comes to animal care!


Garfield and Jon didn’t get to the top on their own. They’ve been joined along the way by many different characters, including Nermal; Odie, Jon’s dog; Arlene, Garfield’s crush,  and Dr. Liz, the vet. Even actor Bill Murray has co-starred with the orange feline: the duo made a cameo in Zombieland.


Here’s an interesting tidbit. Garfield was the inspiration (or possibly mastermind) behind a small chain of ghost restaurants. (Ghost restaurants are restaurants that only offer delivery or pickup. Many operate in the kitchens of other restaurants.) The GarfieldEats franchise offered lasagna, pizza, and smoothies. They even featured Garfield games and Garfield and Friends cartoon episodes on the app. 


So how does one celebrate this loveable, sarcastic ball of fur? Well, you could start by having lasagna for dinner. For entertainment, there’s no shortage of shows, books, and even movies to choose from. Of course, the ultimate option here would be to adopt a ginger kitty, and name it after the cartoon feline.

Do you have an orange cat that loves lasagna, hates Mondays, and picks on your dog? Contact us, your Rancho Santa Fe, CA pet clinic, for all of your kitty’s veterinary care needs.