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Fluffy’s Meowpulation Tactics

April 15 2021

Is your kitty a furry little chatterbox? Or does Fluffy only speak up when she wants to alert you to something? Cats are all unique individuals, and, just like people, they all have their own ways of speaking. As it turns out, the meow is a pretty interesting ‘language.’ A Carmel Valley, CA vet discusses Fluffy’s speech patterns below.


Our feline friends are chock full of curious quirks and features. The meow is definitely one of the cutest! As you’ve probably noticed, the meow is an all-purr pose command. Fluffy may speak up to let you know she wants to be picked up, petted, or put down, or to tell you that (gasp) she can see the bottom of her food bowl again. Or, she might just meow to say ‘hello’ in her own way.


Fluffy’s breed does affect what she sounds like, at least to some extent. Some breeds have very distinct meows. For instance, Siamese cats tend to be, well, a bit yowly, and often sound quite a bit like human babies. Maine Coons, on the other hand, tend to communicate through chirps and trills. Other kitties, such as the Ragdoll, don’t have much to say at all.

History Of The Meow

Did you know that cats may have started meowing specifically to give their humans orders? If  you pay attention, you may notice that your furball doesn’t really talk to other cats. She’ll usually just meow at you. Kitty manipulation tactics may also be why some of our feline pals sound a lot like human babies. It seems that Fluffy figured out long ago that mimicking the cries of human infants was an extremely effective way to pull at our heartstrings … and get us to offer food, shelter, and lap space.

Conversations With Cats

One of the fun things about our feline buddies is the fact that they’re so interactive. Some furballs will meow back when you speak to them, which is always adorable. There are also cats that like to wax poetic about anything and everything. Some even argue with their owners. Talk to Fluffy, and see how she reacts. You can also try imitating her vocalizations, just to see what she does. Many kitties love getting attention this way!

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