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Tips for Brushing Fido’s Teeth

May 1 2021

Did you know that dogs can suffer from many of the same dental problems as people can? These issues are just as painful and problematic for pets as they are for us. One of the best things you can do for your canine pal’s oral health is to brush his teeth. A Carmel Valley, CA vet offers some tips on brushing Fido’s not-so-pearly whites in this article.

Only Use Products Made For Dogs

Make sure to only use things that were made specifically for Fido’s teeth. Human toothpastes may contain things that aren’t safe for dogs, such as xylitol. Plus, our toothbrushes aren’t angled the right way for their choppers.

Start Slow

Don’t just try sticking a toothbrush in Fido’s mouth. At first, just get him on board with the idea of having his teeth and gums rubbed. Work in lots of praise and treats to help him accept the process. Once your furry pal has gotten used to this, you can start to incorporate pet toothpaste and a finger toothbrush.

Make It Routine

It will be much easier for Fido to accept this as part of his daily doggy routine if it happens every day. Try to do this at the same time each night.


You don’t have to brush your canine buddy’s entire mouth every day. Just do one section at a time, and keep rotating. Fido will still benefit!

Reward The Pup

You’ll have a much easier time with this process if you can get Fido to view it positively. One thing that will help with this? Treats! It may sound like this would defeat the purpose, but it really is helpful for training. Use small, high-value snacks. And just imagine if pets had thumbs – they might even be able to brush their own teeth!

Schedule It Right

Picking the right time is also important. Ideally, you want to go for a time when Fido is feeling relaxed, affectionate, and perhaps a bit tired. After your furry friend has eaten and been walked is usually good.

Pat Yourself (And Your Dog) On The Back

Once you and Fido are both used to the process, tooth brushing time should only take a few minutes a day, if that. However, it’s definitely time well-spent. This can really help prevent many painful issues, some of which can really impact your pup’s overall health.

Do you have questions about your dog’s health or care? Please don’t hesitate to contact us today! We are your trusted veterinary clinic in Carmel Valley, CA, and we are committed to providing exceptional care for your furry friends. In addition to traditional veterinary services, we also offer alternative vet therapies to help keep your pet healthy and happy.

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