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Holiday Gifts for Dogs

December 15 2020

Happy Holidays! As you start (or finish) your shopping, don’t forget to pick up something for Fido. A local Carmel Valley, CA veterinarian lists some great gifts for dogs below.


Playthings are wonderful gifts for our canine buddies. Keep your pet’s age, breed, and personality in mind when shopping. Dogs that are nervous or love to cuddle may appreciate comfort toys, like stuffed animals, while puppies will need lots of things to chew on. Puzzle toys and treat toys are great for active pooches, while senior dogs may prefer things that light up.


You really can’t go wrong here. Fido isn’t very picky about treats, and he’ll happily snap up anything you offer. We do recommend sticking to high-quality brands, however. (Tip: take a look at the label, and make sure you can actually identify the ingredients.)


If you have a yard, consider getting Fido a doghouse. While your furry bff should of course live indoors, it would be great for him to have a little outdoor hangout spot as well. You can also get your pooch a sandbox or kiddie pool to play in.

Obedience Training

Could Fido stand to work on his petiquette? Consider enrolling him in obedience training. This may be a gift for you as well: you and your pet will enjoy a better, smoother relationship once he is properly trained. Of course, your canine friend probably won’t be too excited to see a certificate in his stocking, so put a few other goodies in there for him.

Grooming Supplies

Don’t forget the little things that help keep Fido clean and comfortable. A good set of clippers, paw balm, pet wipes, and dental chews all make great stocking stuffers!

Travel Supplies

Do you like to take your canine companion out and about with you? Get him a little travel bag to take with you, and stock it with things like waste baggies, sunscreen, dishes, treats, and a pet first-aid kit. You can also get Fido a doggy water bottle with an attached dispenser.


Could Fido use a new bed, or perhaps a second one? This is also a perfect gift! Don’t forget to snap some photos of your four-legged pal taking his first nap in it.

Wishing you happy holidays from Santaluz Animal Care, your local Carmel Valley, CA veterinary clinic. Our team is always ready to assist you with all your pet’s veterinary needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us anytime!