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If Pets Had Thumbs Day

March 1 2021

March 3rd is If Pets Had Thumbs Day! Some of our furry patients wreak quite a bit of havoc with just their paws. One has to wonder what would sort of chaos would entail if Fido and Fluffy suddenly woke up with thumbs. A local Carmel Valley, CA veterinarian makes a few ‘petucated’ guesses in this article.

Food Raid

One thing that all of our patients have in common? A love of treats. It’s probably safe to say that your canine friend would waste little time in ransacking your cupboards and raiding your fridge. You may come home to a pile of empty cans and wrappers, and a dog in a food coma. Cats are a bit fussier, of course. Fluffy may just knock everything out of your cupboards, open all your canned goods, and then find herself a place to sleep.


Dogs and cats are both hunters in the wild. Fido and Fluffy may want to up their game a bit. Your furry buddy may very well help themselves to any fishing poles, nets, or other equipment you happen to have.


Not all of your pet’s plans would necessarily be complicated. One of the first things your four-legged friend might do would be to grab something that would work as a back scratcher, and get that stubborn spot they can’t easily reach.


While some pets are homebodies, many dogs and cats are the adventurous types. Fluffy and Fido may waste little time in letting themselves out and setting off on some adventures. Fido would probably head for his favorite park or pet store, while Fluffy may just continue her eternal quest for comfy napping spots. For more heartwarming ways to engage with your pet and celebrate their presence in your life, consider reading about “Ways To Celebrate Kindness To Animals Day.”


If your furry friend could gain control of their appointment calendar, you’d likely start seeing some changes. We suspect that some of our patients would cancel their exams and wellness care visits, and replace them with visits from dog walkers, pet sitters, and pet masseuses. While the thought of pets managing their own care is amusing, it’s crucial to maintain regular check-ups for their health. Learn more about our “Veterinary Wellness & Pet Vaccinations” services and ensure your pet remains in peak condition with timely vaccinations and wellness exams.

Online Shopping

It wouldn’t be a shock to find many of our furry friends trying out online shopping. Fido would probably order himself some toys, treats, and comfy beds, and perhaps schedule food deliveries. Fluffy would be more interested in live fish and cat furniture, but she’d probably also place some doggy adoption ads.

Our Advice on If Pets Had Thumbs Day in 2024

How would pets with thumbs raid the kitchen differently than they do now?

If pets had thumbs, their ability to raid the kitchen would be significantly enhanced compared to their current capabilities. With thumbs, dogs and cats could easily open cupboards, manipulate handles, and access tightly sealed containers, leading to a more thorough and efficient food raid. They could open refrigerators and select specific items, potentially causing more organized chaos by targeting treats and favorite foods directly, rather than the hit-or-miss approach they’re limited to now. Essentially, thumbs would enable them to access food and create mischief with greater precision and variety.

What simple pleasures would suddenly be accessible to pets with thumbs?

With thumbs, pets could enjoy simple pleasures like opening doors to explore new spaces at their whim, grabbing a back scratcher to reach that elusive itchy spot, playing more complex games with toys, and perhaps even learning to throw a ball for themselves. They could also more easily manipulate interactive puzzle feeders to access treats, providing both mental stimulation and a tasty reward. Essentially, thumbs would grant them a new level of independence and ability to interact with their environment in ways previously reserved for humans.

How would pets communicate with their humans differently if they had thumbs?

If pets had thumbs, their communication with humans could become more nuanced and interactive. They might use gestures or signs to more clearly indicate their needs, desires, or feelings, such as pointing to treats or doors they want opened. The ability to manipulate objects could also allow them to bring items to their humans to express what they want, like their leash for a walk or a bowl when hungry. Thumbs could enhance their ability to express affection or frustration more creatively, potentially leading to a deeper understanding and bond between pets and their owners.

Could pets suddenly express themselves through art, building things, or playing musical instruments?

With thumbs, pets could indeed explore new forms of expression, such as art, building, or playing musical instruments. Thumbs would allow them to hold brushes, manipulate building blocks, or press keys and strings on instruments, enabling them to engage in activities that require fine motor skills and dexterity. While their understanding and appreciation of these activities would differ from humans, the opportunity to interact with their environment in these new ways could provide mental stimulation and perhaps even a unique form of communication and expression, showcasing their individual personalities and preferences.

Could thumbs lead to any destructive or mischievous behaviors?

Yes, if pets had thumbs, this could lead to an increase in destructive or mischievous behaviors. Thumbs would give pets the ability to open containers, doors, or even secure areas previously off-limits, potentially leading to them getting into food, trash, or hazardous materials. They might also figure out how to unlock cages or create escape routes from confined spaces. Additionally, the ability to manipulate objects could result in unintended damage as they explore these new capabilities, requiring pet owners to take extra precautions to pet-proof their homes.

Contact us anytime at Santaluz Animal Care, your local pet hospital in Carmel Valley, CA. We are committed to providing exceptional veterinary services to your furry companions.

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