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Puppy Bowl Is Coming!

February 1 2022

There’s a pretty big event coming up that has the pupparazzi pretty excited. It’s the Puppy Bowl! This adorable event is back for the 18th time, and will feature more than 115 adoptable pups. A Rancho Santa Fe, CA vet discusses this ‘pawesome’ event below.


The Puppy Bowl is a joint effort by over 67 different shelters and rescues from 33 different states. The event is hosted by some pretty big names, including Rodt Weiler, Sheena Inu, James Hound, and field reporters Mini Pinscher and Greta Dane. ‘Ruffaree’ duties will be handled by Dan Schachner. Stepping into the coaches’ chairs are Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart, who will be coaching Team Fluff and Team Ruff, respectively. Wondering about halftime entertainment? Fluffy has it covered! The ‘purrfect’ show will feature adoptable kittens enjoying a beach party.

Team Ruff

Team Ruff is looking pretty formidable! It features some pretty adorable pooches. There’s Ridley, a special-needs pup with hearing issues. Next is Moby, a pooch who was born with hard and soft cleft palates. Moby had to be tube-fed for the first three weeks, but his fighting spirit saw him through. When he was big enough, he got surgery, and has been wagging his tail ever since. Also on Team Ruff is Pongo, a Dalmatian who is currently in training to be a therapy dog. Last but not least, we have Bimini, a pup with mobility issues that was rescued during a drug raid.

Team Fluff

Don’t underestimate Team Fluff! This stellar lineup includes Ruff, a pooch that doesn’t let his vision and hearing problems stop him from living his best life. Then there’s Bunny, another cute canine whose ears don’t quite work right. Irwin, a three-legged rescue from Puerto Rico, is another underdog we’re rooting for. We can’t forget Forrest. Forrest was rescued from horrible conditions, and lost an eye as an result of abuse. The pup was actually adopted by the officer who rescued him, and is now a beloved pet. Last but not least, we have Benny, a lovable pooch with a spinal deformity.

Whether you’re rooting for Team Ruff, Team Fluff, or the halftime kittens, you can watch the fun Feb 13th at 1pm CT on Discovery/Animal Planet. We’ll be rooting for all of the players here at Santaluz Animal Care, your Rancho Santa Fe, CA, animal clinic! Don’t forget to vote for your favorite!