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Reasons To Choose A Fear-Free Vet

January 15 2022

Here at Santaluz Animal Care, we are devoted to offering Fear Free visits. What does that mean? To quote the official Fear Free organization, it means taking the ‘pet’ out of petrified. However, in practice, we’re really taking the ‘petrified’ out of the pet! In a nutshell, we go the extra mile to keep our patients calm and comfortable while they’re here. In fact, we’re thrilled to announce that ‘Mews Of The Year: We’re Now A Fear Free Certified Practice‘. A Rancho Santa Fe, CA veterinarian lists some benefits of going Fear Free below.

Easier Visits

It’s easy to joke about how Fido may run and hide at the word ‘Vet,’ or Fluffy may shred your arm as you’re trying to get her into the carrier. However, this really is no laughing matter. It’s important to understand why animal clinics can be so scary to pets. For one thing, our furry pals have very sensitive noses. The combination of scents alone can be overpowering, especially given that they’re picking up scents and signals from other scared pets, some of whom may be sick.

Positive Association

If your dog or cat decides that the animal clinic is a bad place, it could be very difficult not to just get them here, much less examine them. That’s one reason we recommend bringing pets in just for a quick treat and cuddle. These simple, easy, pleasant interactions help our patients form good impressions of us, which is exactly what we want. Why is that important? If your pet is ever sick or injured, and you need an emergency visit, you won’t be dealing with that deep-seated fear and nervousness on top of everything else. That could make a huge difference!

More Thorough Exams

Fear-free visits don’t guarantee that pets won’t get nervous. What they do mean is that the vet is highly attuned and sympathetic to this, and will take extra steps to soothe and comfort them. This can result in better exams, which in turn lead to better diagnosis and care. When you think about it, why wouldn’t you choose a vet that goes above and beyond to make appointments easy for your pet? It’s just good to know that both you and your furry friend’s doctor are doing everything you can to keep them feeling calm, comfortable, and safe. That’s pretty awesome!

Do you have questions about your pet’s health or care, or Fear Free care? Don’t hesitate to contact our pet clinic in Rancho Santa Fe, CA for all your pet’s veterinary needs. We’re here to provide the best care possible and ensure your furry friend stays happy and healthy. Feel free to reach out to us anytime. Our clinic also offers advanced Veterinary Diagnostics to ensure accurate diagnosis and treatment for your pet.

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